Caidi vom Haus COKASA





  Wurfgewicht 255 gr.

am 7. Tag das Wurfgewicht verdoppelt

am 12. Tag die Augen geöffnet

am 19. Tag kam der erste Zahn





V: Georg vom Lupus in fabula

M:Engie vom Weinbergblick




AKZ: Azubi


Besitzer: Derrick Didado



Nachricht vom 19. Dezember 2012

Email vom 02. Okt. 2012 mit Fotos

Greetings Christoph,

I hope you and your family are doing fine. ... I hope Engie has recovered from the litter, and is doing fine. Again I wish to thank you for all your help in securing Caidi, and will owe you forever for you assistance.

Caidi is doing wonderful. I have only started from a puppy 4 times, and Caidi is the most promise I had. She is a handful, always wants to play, never a complaint and is happy to be a member of the family. I must give credit also to your crate training, as she has never messed in the house...........never. She is the cleanest puppy I have ever seen. I have been focusing on socialization and basic obedience and tracking foundations with food. She is doing wonderful, but more pack drive than food drive. She likes to jump, which scares me.................we will have to be careful to prevent injuries.

I have attached a few pictures, but my camera got wet and I used one I do not know. You may need to zoom to get a good look. Caidi has changed color a great deal in color in the last month. I included a picture at 12 weeks for comparison. I 'll get a new camera this week...............

I'll be in contact frequently for advise and guidance.

Again Thank you for your help. go haus COKASA............we'll talk

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