Arrogant vom Haus COKASA

SZ: 2246003

V: Hektor Talka Marda

M:Quendy Weinbergblick



HD: fast normal

ED: normal

AUSLAND Finnland ausgewertet


Besitzer: Jussi Koskinen

( SV Schutzdiensthelfer - Finnland )

Verein:              Turku






am 15. Dezember hat er die Augen geöffnet

am 10. Tag hat er die 1 kg Marke durchbrochen


1. Wurmkur am 15. Tag gut überstanden.

2. Wurmkur nach 4 Wochen
3. Wurmkur nach 6 1/2 Wochen


26. Dezember ( 22 Tag ) kam der erste Zahn




November 2010

At Work - 29.06.2010

eMail aus Finnland - 20.05.2010

Hello Christoph!


Everything is very well here with Arrogant! ...

... Arrogant has changed all of his teeth now. I have been playing with him and he shows good ball-drive! I´m very pleased with him. We have done one "protection"-exsercise with the helper, and he felt quite good. His grip was exellent and his attack was intense. It´s a bit difficult to do obedience with food, because my hands get very sour ;)

He is quite big, but "skinny". He hasn´t had any problems with his health. He is very attached to me! ...


..The last time I wrote to you I told you we have -25°C and a meter of snow and now we have +28,5°C and sunshine! ;)


Kind regards from here,


eMail aus Finnland von "Arrogant"

03. April 2010




First springday in Finnland... ;-D



18. Februar 2010


Winter joy with snow and -15°C...
Everything is fine here.
Arrogant has got very  good nerves and he behaves very well with the other dogs.
I´m very pleased wit what Quendy has tought Arrogant how to behave. 
Kind regards,
Jussi and Arrogant

eMail aus Finnland von Arrogant